July 10, 2021

Strange Stories UK, The Hess Enigma part 1

Strange Stories UK,  The Hess Enigma part 1


May and June 1941 was the period that Nazi Germany came close to conquering Western Europe. But the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler then  opened  a second Front which was going to cost him the war. 
Events during May and June 1941 are  shrouded in mystery, part of the puzzle was Rudolf Hess's (Hitler’s deputy) flight to Scotland during May 1941. Was Hess sent by Hitler to offer Britain peace terms so he could concentrate on invading the USSR? Did Hess ask Britain to help them defeat the USSR? Was Hess tricked by the British security services ? Was Hess trying to cause civil unrest in Britain to aid the Nazi cause? 
What is certain is that there was a large section of the British people who seemed to be in favour of  a peace deal with the Nazis, appeasement;  these were the Middle and Upper classes that had the most to lose. The perception of Britain in 1940 was that the Nation was united against the Nazi threat. This was not  true.
Was the Churchill government playing the Nazis and the Soviets against each other? I don’t think that we will ever know the true story, but some members of the aristocracy and the Royal family do not come out of this story very well. This is part one of the story, part two will be posted within the next two days.