Sept. 3, 2021

Strange Stories UK Canning Town, London, Organised Crime and Corrupt police 1.

Strange Stories UK Canning Town, London, Organised Crime and Corrupt police 1.

Season 4 starts with contemporary Organised Crime in London, there will be four or five linked podcasts on this theme starting with a case that developed in Canning Town, the next few podcasts will flow on from this case including a podcast of the Rettendon aka Essex boys murders. I know this case has been very well covered but  it does tie in with the other podcasts.

 For this case :  We examine the Canning Town area which suffered from Organised Crime. I keep referring to OCGs which refers to Organised Crime gangs. There were several in the Canning Town area who seemed to work as a cartel and hence were known as the Canning Town Cartel OCG. This story will develop and was inspired by the book ‘Legacy’ by Michael Gillard.  The actual recording was done as a thunderstorm took place without any warning, towards the end of the podcast this storm can be heard so apologies for that.

 This is my fourth year of producing podcasts within a month, I will be producing my one hundredth episode having produced a podcast every 2/3 weeks. Early podcasts were quite amateurish but I think they have improved over time. I have now got a website: www.strangestoriesUK which has a blog introducing each episode. I will be aiming to improve the Facebook and Instagram sites by keeping them up to date with some more information.  I will continue to produce the podcasts in one take without editing as I like to produce the feel of a live radio station. Obviously it is not, but perhaps the closest I can get to it.

As with most podcasts, I am trying to get an income stream to fund the hosting costs and the subscriptions I have to pay in order to research some episodes. This will not affect the podcasts being produced and of course there is no obligation to make a contribution although I am thinking of making some sort of reward for anyone that does want to contribute such as extra podcasts. I thought I would make a podcast related to a story being covered. The podcasts go off in so many tangents that I will develop one of these.
This is the Ko-fi link. 

I was looking at Patreon which most podcasters seem to use but having looked into Patreon it seems that it is losing popularity. It is explained that it has taken a lot of Venture Capital funding who are pushing for continuous growth and providing new services to generate increased income. Also Patreon is based on a regular monthly contribution which I think is too much of a commitment.

I am going with Ko-Fi but may consider other options if this doesn’t work out as there are lots of alternatives and lots of conflicting advice.

Regarding the podcast. There is a lot of information, primary sources, that has been taken from the internet. The Operation Tiberius Report was a very useful source and for this podcast the transcript of the Hunt v Times Newspaper from the Royal Courts of Justice case no. HQ10D02588. Also many newspaper reports from the Times archive have been useful. 

Sorry that I don’t give a list of all sources but in the course of producing the podcast I often don’t record which book or source I am using. I realise that this is an area that needs improving.

I am going to broadcast at least four podcasts related to organised crime stemming from this area and one podcast for Ko-Fi subscribers. I was also thinking of re recording series 1 which some were so ropey that I have taken a couple off line. There are some good stories there that could be updated, this could be another Ko-Fi subscriber inducement. I am not expecting to make any money from these podcasts but if I can cover my costs I would be delighted.