Sept. 7, 2021

Strange Stories UK Canning Town, London. Organised Crime and Corrupt police. part 2

Strange Stories UK Canning Town, London. Organised Crime and Corrupt police. part 2

Strange Stories UK. Canning Town, London Organised Crime and Corrupt police. Part 2. Season 4, Episode 2.

This podcast tells how some members of the Snipers gang in Canning Town, evolved into the Canning Town Cartel which was a group of organised crime groups. One of which was the Hunt OCG.

The podcast also examines the falling out between David Hunt and Jimmy Holmes which caused the book ‘Judas Pig’ to be published.

I have been making podcasts for three years, just entering my fourth year. I have now signed up with ko-fi to try to get an income stream to cover my costs.(posting and subscriptions).

I intend to make a podcast each month to send to anyone who makes a contribution to my Ko-Fi account (a one off payment, not a monthly contribution). This podcast will not be available elsewhere and will be related to the podcasts that I make that month. This month’s podcast will be about the true stories in the book Judas Pig where I try to link up the names with the actual crimes. I have mentioned a few of these in the last couple of podcasts but I will go into more detail and there are a wealth of characters and incidents that Jimmy Holmes wrote about that have not been mentioned yet. So to find out the secrets of Judas Pig (according to my research), my ko-fi link is:

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 Sources for this podcast:  The book Legacy by Michael Gillard is the source that keeps giving and I recommend anyone interested in these stories to read it for the whole story. There is a lot of information, primary sources, that has been taken from the internet. The Operation Tiberius Report was a very useful source and for this podcast the transcript of the Hunt v Times Newspaper from the Royal Courts of Justice case no. HQ10D02588. Also many newspaper reports from the Times/Guardian archives have been useful.