Oct. 24, 2022

Strange stories: The Victorian Book of Ghosts.

Strange stories: The Victorian Book of Ghosts.

This is a Halloween podcasts for 2022. An attempt by the  British Society of Psychical research (SPR) to explain paranormal activity. 

Phantasms of the Living was to be the book published by the SPR that was to explain the reasons for people seeing ghosts. 700 case studies were given to try to prove that thought transference, called later telepathy was the reason for people seeing ghosts. 

Telepathy allowing one to communicate with others non-verbally through thought not to be confused with  ESP  (extra sensory perception) which refers to heightened senses and intuition.
This podcast gives a brief background to the book, the personalities and politics of the SPR and a couple of case histories mentioned in the book and the reasons that the book was criticised. The book published in 1886 and recent copies are available today on internet sites. The book is interesting to dip into but I would think would be impossible to read it through.

 Warning , recorded in one take, Lip smacking out of control today, even though my microphone is supposed to prevent this and there is a dog in the room. Please do not listen if you are expecting a professional delivery. I am also known for mispronouncing words.  I am away for about six weeks, I will try to post a couple of podcasts over this time, I will be back in December.