April 21, 2019

Corrupt London part 2 paedophilic activity

Corrupt London part 2  paedophilic activity

Part 2 of paedophilic activity in London. We concentrate here on three main strands. The activities of Roger Gleaves and Sidney Cooke who seemed to corrupt youngsters from the 1960/70/80/90s without too much hinderance from the law, they seem to have been involved in the rape and murder of underage boys during this period. They both seem to have connections to strand three which is the Elm Guest House which was a hotel for homosexual paedophiles in the 1980s. The murder of Jason Swift is well recorded and there was a successful prosecution for his murder but there are a number of other murders of young boys that did not result in prosecution. There are reports that videos of boys deaths were recorded on film after sexual assaults. I recommend anyone interested should look at the scepticpeg  web pages that has images of newspaper reports and lots of excellent information and links about this .