Feb. 9, 2021

The tragic death of Suel Dagado on Brighton Seafront.

This episode has been sourced almost entirely online as I was unable to attend the court case which finished just a couple of weeks ago.

My sympathies go to the family of Suel Dagado, a fit, healthy, vibrant young man whose life was senselessly ended through the anger of another.

Best wishes also to Azaan and Zak Khan wishing them both a speedy recovery.

I have spent many a night out in Brighton and have rarely seen any trouble, if there is a fight it is usually in the area around the pier and usually involves people visiting Brighton.

On the night that Suel was killed, both groups had been drinking, one of Amaan's group having to be helped to the car and Iftekhar having fallen asleep during the night as a result of his intoxication.

It is unsure over the cause of the argument, I suggest it was due to the aggressive nature of the Khondaker brothers, both of whom seemed to have little respect for others. Both had long criminal records and both recently being released from jail and both had records for violence. Well at least Iftekhar will not be on the streets for at least 26 years as he is a danger to the public. 

The group from Crawley may have been high spirited, but there is no evidence of violent conduct in the past from them.

It is ironic that there were suggestions of racism being the cause of the fight. One of Amaan's group had made references about the Sri Lankan group and the Khondaker's claimed this was the start of the fight but I think they were trying to deflect blame from their behaviour. Most of Amaan's group were born in the UK but were of Southern Asian ancestry as where the Khondaker group. I think that the cause of the fight was 'macho posturing', from probably both groups, arising from something that should have been forgotten but escalated.

I have made at least one error in the podcast, The Pier Nine casino is the former Oden cinema near the pier. I will put some photographs on the Strange Stories UK Facebook site (If I put them here I may be charged by the copyright gods).

My next podcast will be something a little different, I will post it in a couple of weeks. Thank you to anyone that may have read this.