March 7, 2021

The Thug Life in Ipswich: Country Lines. Series 3 episode 22 (84)

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Ipswich Thug life, Series 3 Episode 22 (84th Podcast).

I have called this podcast Thug life in Ipswich referring to Tupac Shaker. There are those people in the UK that like to copy the drug dealing gangs in America. Tupac gave us the acronym Thug Life which is perhaps the worst effort at an acronym in history as it means:

The hate U Give.  Little Infants Fucks Everything

Tupac says that those who follow Thug Life must know that those that are Thugs have to accept that either:

1). You going to get rich

2). You are going to Jail.

3). You are going to die

Or maybe all three.

Tupac warns that if children are bought up in a negative environment surrounded by racism, violence, oppression etc… the cycle will continue . In this context  a Thug means an underdog that does what he has to do to survive. A thug lives on the street and accepts the code of the street. I am not sure what the code of the street means but Tupac tried to give a list which is rather idiosyncratic and doesn't make a lot of sense, it is easily found online with a wider history and explanation.

The street life does seem to appeal to increasing numbers of young people whose parents seem to have lost any control or influence over them. In this story, a young person called  Tavis seemed torn between his life in the gang and working towards his future. It is said that lots of children have no choice into whether to join a gang, the attitude of the gangs seems to be ‘You are with us, or against us’. 

I can’t see any answers as each case has its own unique elements. The Country Line gangs are ‘street smart’ and the law enforcing agencies have to ‘play within the rules’ which favours the gangs. Inevitably there will be more deaths in Ipswich and Norwich and over the country  as young ‘thugs’ try to protect their reputations; and there will be more podcasts on Country line murders as they seem to be blocking up the court system at present.

I mentioned that I had made an earlier podcast called ‘When Country Lines go wrong’, I realise that I have in fact made a number of podcasts on this subject and they seem to be popular given the download figures.

Sources used for this podcast:

newspapers: Ipswich Evening Star

The Suffolf East Daily press.

various other newspaper articles on County Lines.

BBC documentary 'The Trap', and various other news reports.

University of Sussex papers (various including their 2017 report on drug dealing in Ipswich)

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