Oct. 17, 2022

The Teddington /Richmond, London murders on the banks of the river Thames.

When researching this case, I was surprised to find that the police files were supposed to have been released until 2046, but had been opened 40 years early. I am not sure why this was because it is possible that some of those mentioned in the podcast are still alive although they would be in their early 80s now but they probably have children. There were some semi cruel things said in the police notes, that people may take offence with, although the case would be distant history in 2046. Anyhow, I am glad that the files were released earlier than expected as I have the material for a podcast.

There was also the actions of the police, I am not talking about the incompetence shown by some officers; but by the 'verbalising' by the lead detective. This means tricking a suspect into admitting to the murder. I have been unjustly arrested in the past, three times to be precise, two of these were for being in the wrong place at the wrong time once in England and once in France?  So I am no great supporter of the police. However, it is difficult to find fault with D.S.Hamman's actions into tricking the suspect into admitting his guilt. I suppose that today the case would have been dismissed by the court. It is just as well to note that the sex attacks stopped after the arrest and it is probable that other young women were spared from attack and rape.

There is also the cry from the murderer that he wasn't 'right in the head, and cant the doctors do something'? I think I may have had more sympathy with this point of view if he had sought help rather than attacked teenage girls.

Anyhow, All Hallows Eve is approaching so I will be putting up two or three shorter paranormal stories from the Journals and Proceedings of the Society of Psychic Research towards the end of the month.