May 21, 2021

The SPR investigate a London Ghost, the Woman in Brown.

Blog 9: Edward Osbourne of the SPR investigates the Woman in Brown, series 3, episode 30: podcast 92.


I thought it time for a paranormal type episode, this one taken from the journals of the Society for Psychical Research. I do my research in the British Library for these podcasts, this one comes from the 1949 journal.

I like to do a paranormal podcast during the month of May, I think that may having something to do with watching Jack Clayton’s film ‘The Innocents’ when I was a child, and remembered the credits rolling at the end of that film with nightingales singing. I first watched it during May and nightingales were singing close to where we were living and there was a similar lake which seemed to fire my imagination to the extent that there seems to be an association with ghosts and that month for me.  The Innocents being filmed at Sheffield Park in Sussex.

The Innocents is a traditional type of haunted house which was based on supposedly actual events at Hinton Ampner which is now a house run by the National Trust which I think is on the Hampshire / West Sussex border.

 The story of this podcast is totally different being set on a busy London Street. Edward Osbourne was an investigator for the SPR and it was he that wrote up the story.

I gave quite a long lead into the podcast explaining what London was like in 1948, for someone in their 80s, they must have seen so much change during the course of their lifetimes’, it would scarcely seems credible to someone much younger so I thought I would give some description to London life at that time.

There may be something of a delay in my next podcast as I have to do some building works, I am going to try to lay a concrete floor using Youtube tutorials, so I think that will take up most of my time for the next month. I will try to put another podcast out within the month.