May 2, 2021

The murder of University of Brighton student Janet Muller in 2015

The Unsatisfactory Outcome of the Janet Muller murder in Sussex.


Well, another case of the Jury getting it wrong. I think that often twelve people who make up a Jury who have had no contact with the minority of nasty and evil people, we have in society. Such people normally think the best of others. If someone is well presented wearing a suit, they often can’t think that they will be capable of depraved actions. I think that is what happened here.

The people that made up the Jury could not comprehend that desperate, controlling, narcistic, pathetic criminal types like Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw exist. People like him find it easy to lie they have spent their lives perfecting the art of telling untruths. They are also parasitic, preying on other people.   Janet Muller was going through a difficult time and it was her misfortune to come into contact with people like Jeffrey-Shaw.

I think I refer to Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw as Jeffrey-Smith on a couple of occasions, sorry about that but I know someone called Jeffrey Smith and his name was coming to mind as I was recording. I don’t do editing; I record in one take as I like to keep things real.

This story is a little complicated in places with lots of times given and some repetition.

As this is a recent case it is not possible to view police reports, even if public buildings were open. The information comes from various newspaper reports, many published in the Brighton Argus newspaper.

Please be advised that these podcasts are just a hobby for me, I do not do any editing and as a result there may be some background noises and some stumbling over words.