Feb. 22, 2021

The Fairy Investigation Society (1927 - to present)


Something different for this podcast an examination of the Fairy Investigation Society. It would have been interesting attending one of their meetings and meeting some wonderful and eccentric personalities. I don’t think that they would have taken to me, amongst my many faults is a lack of a spiritual side and by nature I am something of a sceptic, but I recall a conversation with an elderly relative when we were discussing paranormal matters some years back and I wanted scientific explanations, he said that he wanted unexplained events and magic in the world and as I get older I seem to be coming around to his way of thinking.


I spent the first part of the podcast giving some background on fairy belief before giving the history of the fairy society.

 I also spent some time on the belief of Quentin Craufurd that you have to ‘tune in’ to the fairy world to see it, at the end of the podcast I have included some recent experience of fairy encounters that came from the work of Simon Young.


I did not attempt to try to explain ideas about Quantum mechanics, parallel universes  and the Multiverse to try to explain the possible existence of concepts such as fairies. Apart from it being too difficult to explain briefly, if at all,  I thought it best to keep things simple.

The inspiration for this podcast has been the work of Dr Simon Young and the articles he has written on fairies, in particular:

A History of the Fairy Investigation Society, 1927–1960 by Simon Young.

Quotes from the magazines Prediction and New Frontiers available in publications by Simon Young.

Seeing Fairies and Fairy Literature  by Simon Young.

The folklore of fairies: Gary R.Varner.

The encyclopedia of witchcraft and practical magic.

The encyclopedia of Superstitions.

Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Fairy sighting survey by Simon Young and Ceri Holbrook

You can join the Fairy Investigation Society today online, which will answer any questions that you may have, and where you can give any sighting information. It is a very well made and comprehensive site, you can find it at:-

www.the fairyist.com.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed making this podcast, I always seem to enjoy the ‘offbeat’ podcasts. I have marked the occasion. I am lucky enough to have a wood as part of my garden and I have created a fairy garden hidden away from the woodland path. At the moment there are wild daffodils and yellow celandine plants next to a small winterbourne stream. I have planted a rose called ‘the fairy rose’ and 30 lily of the valley plants and cleared away the brambles and ivy. I am going to see if the children can find it, unless the badgers and deer dig it up first.  Well if anybody has read this I thank you and again thank you to Dr Simon Young.