Oct. 26, 2021

The Burbot in the UK, Britain's mystery fish.

This is not a podcast to interest everyone. It is about the Burbot, only fish in the UK that has been declared extinct in known history. Please also be warned that this podcast is recorded in one take with no editing and there is a dog snoring in the background. and I stumble over some words and make some mistakes.
I make podcasts that interest me and I cannot be bothered to spend an age recording the perfect podcast. In fact I recommend that you do not listen to this podcast unless you are interested in the natural history of the burbot a rather ugly fish that lives in muddy rivers.
 I have not given any sources, but the Southampton University Report on  the possibility of reintroducing the species (available online) has a long list of sources for anyone interested.
My next podcast will be a paranormal podcast for Halloween.