Nov. 18, 2021

Strange Stories UK, Drug Dealing Portslade (Brighton) stories 2011



Two stories about street drug dealing, both ending in murder ten years ago during 2011. Both drug dealers lived in Portslade part of the conurbation of Brighton and Hove.

Gary ‘Hammer’ Hampsen was a flawed character who moved from Bootle, Liverpool to Brighton and became a street drug dealer. He seemed to have a loving family but was capable of violence, keeping a hammer for personal protection. Perhaps his greatest mistake was going into partnership with Daniel Alexander, 20 years older than him and a totally untrustworthy character. There are several unpleasant personalities involved in this story. Step forward Linda and Roy.

The next story involves a very young dealer who seemed to view himself as a ‘big shot’, ‘bigging’ himself up as a dangerous gangster. His family misguidedly tried to help him after he carried out a dreadful crime. He was clearly a damaged character who was morally corrupt, and he dragged his family down with him who must have regretted their decision.

What is interesting is that both people convicted of murder showed no remorse at all.

I know I have said this before, but the podcast is recorded in one take with no editing. I have a busy life and don’t have time to edit so have made Lo-Fi a feature of my podcasts. I do not have the resources of the BBC or the big podcast companies. I have a mic, a computer and an inquisitive mind, so please do not expect a professional podcast. I listen through once before posting and even I shudder when I cough or grunt and know it is not good to hear. However there is no one telling me what to do so I tell the story the way I see it, although I try not to make any personal views.

 I listen to other podcasts and cringe when people start to make comments on how they feel about criminal behaviour. If I had to say what the best UK true crime podcast is, I would have to say ‘They walk amongst us’. I also liked the podcast ‘Outlines’ which hasn’t posted a new episode for some time.

There are a lot of podcasts, especially the American podcasts that stretch a story out. I have tried to tell a story in one or two podcasts which often means discarding some potential material.

At the start of each series of podcasts, I am putting a run of podcasts together on a common theme. The start of this season (Season 4) was about Canning Town Crime and Corruption which in truth could just run and run as organised crime is so embedded in UK life and new stories evolve seemingly weekly.

There has been so much information to work through that I think I am suffering some burn out as I do this in my free time. As a consequence, I am taking a break of three or four weeks as I am working on an ending to the Canning Town Series (which will be the Essex Boys murders) and am also working on the Maybrick dairy. I will be back in time for a Ghost story for Christmas 2021 in mid December, I may post a couple of paranormal episodes and have a lot of new material to post for 2022.