July 10, 2022

Strange Stories UK: Clifton Hampden haunting.

Hello anyone that may be reading this. This story is one of many that were investigated by Frank Podmore of the SPR. He was the person that went to investigate supposed hauntings. This particular story was published in the journal of the SPR but did not make the book 'Phantasms of the living' which was the first book published bye the SPR. The book had its faults but is still available today, I purchased both volumes on Amazon, but be warned, it is a quite boring read. This is quite a standard haunting story, there are witnesses that claim it happened, clearly something happened but the story has been embellished and added to to such an extent to make it  virtually worthless today. Nevertheless, an interesting story, especially if you live in the area. I am writing this after watching Djokovic win against Kyrgios at the Wimbledon final, after a few drinks  but would like to say what a civilised sporting event, everybody so respectful of each other despite determined play. (10 July 2022), good luck to both players in the future. Well it is almost Summer holiday time, I intend to post two more podcasts for series 4, one cryptozoology and another on a present course case, not yet finished ; which I think will prove to be a County Lines, or is it Country lines?