Nov. 9, 2021

Strange Stories UK, Canning Town, Crime & Corruption 6, Judas Pig

Episode 6 in the Canning Town Crime and Corruption Series of podcasts. This episode is about the novel Judas Pig by Horace Silver. Published in 2004, it became a cult novel as it told stories about an OCG (organised Crime group / gang) that were believed to have actually taken place. 
Some thought it the most realistic description of a ruthless OCG in action. I have tried to match the names to the stories that have been described. It is quite possible that I have made mistakes and  the novel seems to have mixed some stories and distorted time lines. The novel is a revenge story to put Horace Silver, aka Billy Abrahams, are Jimmy Holmes, aka Jimmy Maher's (?) side of the story and to put those he did not like in a poor light.

The stories considered in the podcast include: The Zomperelli murder in Soho in 1974 which I covered in a previous pod if you wanted the full story. The murder of Nicky Gerard; George Davis, the murder of Robert Willie, Denny Dalston (Barry Dalton); Del Croxton; Ronnie Olliffe; Peter Hennessy; Patrick O’Nione (Paddy Onions); Smooth hound (Micky Behara)James Marsden (The Bug); Mark Powell (Powelly); Ronnie O’Sullivan; Jewish Dave; Derry O’Dourke (Micky O’Rourke); Spud Murphy; Fat Ray; Micky Gluckstead; Connie Blackhead (Whitehead); Billy Jango; Jennifer (Linda Calvey) and lots of others.

This was recorded after a session spent at the pub, recorded in one take without editing and during the recording there is a scuffle between a cat and a dog that interrupted proceedings for a moment or two. Please do not listen if you are expecting a flawless delivery.