July 18, 2021

St. Boswells Haunted road.


Blog 12. 97th Podcast

St.Boswells haunted road.

This is the last podcast of Series 3 and it is a shorter pod. Just 5,000 words when I normally aim for between 8,000 to 10,000 words for a podcast.

I don’t know the area of St Boswells although I would like to visit sometime. This story comes from some reports in the Journal for Physical Research for 1893 and 1900.


The above will get you to the 1900 page and you can go to source to get the 1893 journal if you so wish, although I have given most of the relevant information on the website.

After reading up about this case, I think that there some compelling reasons to explain it as some kind of psychological incident producing hallucinations. I have not deconstructed the events to explain this but have posted the story as I have found it.


The story has made a couple of Scottish true haunting books where they have been briefly explained without any real analysis. All the material for the podcast  came from the Journals of the SPR, and other bits and pieces pick up mainly on the internet.

I would like to visit the village in order to try to work out where the road is situated, I have spent a few hours on Google Earth roaming around the area without much luck, I had thought it was in the Benrig area of St.Boswells but am not so sure now.

 I will continue to search tonight for the road online as it is quite pleasant having a virtual tour of the area.

I do want to visit the area at some time as I have only been to Scotland once as an adult. I will stay at the Dryburgh hotel Abbey House when I do visit, as it looks a great place to stay. I hope I have not been too anti Scottish Aristocracy, if indeed that is a thing. I suppose if you were born into such a family you have a certain way of thinking about the world.

 I suppose I should express my politics here, I am a Republican but I realise that the Aristocracy are a product of their birth and have their norms and views.

The Duke of Hamilton was clearly a brave airman during the war as were my family who served as air crew in the RAF. My ancestors joined the RAF because it was new and unlike the Army and the Navy during WW2 there was not the same class constraints.It was more informal and relaxed than the Army and Navy.

I understand that the duke flew over Mount Everest in the 1930s, not everybody had that opportunity.

Well I have been working on new episodes for Series 4, I know that the best download figures are about recent cases and I am working on some of these but also on historic cases including a Tudor case which I found very interesting.

Well today is 18th July 2021 and I am taking a summer break and will read a few novels. The problem with making podcasts like this is that it is like being back at University when all time is spent researching books as the novel pile builds. Well I am going to be reading novels for the next few weeks.

I actually don't think anyone reads this blog apart from me so apologies for treating it as a dairy.