March 14, 2022

Rettendon 'Essex Boys' murders Dec 1995, part 1

hello, if there is anyone there. I feel that I am speaking to an echo chamber! If anyone is interested, I will be posting the next paranormal podcast at the end of March.

If I get any feedback on the Essex Boys podcasts, I will share it on the next blog.

This is the first of three podcasts on the Rettendon, aka Essex Boys murders which are to finish off the Canning Town Crime and Corruption series of podcasts.
I go straight into the story so to aid understanding, The three men that were shot were called Tony Tucker, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe (TTR) who ran a criminal gang in Basildon, Essex.
They supplied an ecstasy tablet which was responsible for the death of a girl called Leah Betts, during November 1995.
TTR were shot on 6 December 1995 and Michael Steele and jack Whomes were convicted for the murders. 
That was the basic story as told in this podcast, but it was not so straightforward. I set the scene in this podcast and in the next two podcasts, I will give other theories.
Please be advised that this podcast is recorded in one take. I ask for nothing and make nothing from these podcasts, it is just a hobby. 
I cough and splutter over words and dogs and cats are in the room. So if this is a problem, then please do not listen.
Among the sources used for this podcast are books by Tony Thompson and Bernard O'Mahoney. 
Various newspaper articles including The Guardian, Times and local Essex papers. 
Facebook Groups including Essex Boys T.T.I.O.T. and Essex Boys R.R.M.
YouTube sites including : Liquid Bullet Productions, TM Eye and Crime Scene 2 Courtroom (who should make a podcast on this subject as he is the real expert.)