Feb. 27, 2022

Murder or Sudden death? Winchester to Southampton.

This case dates from May 1979, set in Southampton on the South Coast of the UK. There is an argument between a couple and the woman dies supposedly of strangulation.,  In this case there was an argument for vagal inhibition. 
Alan Gardner head of accounts at Southern Television and his partner Sheila Uren a shop worker and talented golfer. They were planning a future together.

I think that the jury made the right decision on this case, it was a tragic accident. I say this based on Alan's previous character. It is true that the same thing could have happened to another person who had a reputation of being aggressive and the jury may have come to a different decision.

Sadly Shelia lost her life on that day back in May 1979. There is another case of strangulation that happened in Southampton in 1979 which I hope to cover at some time.

Until then I am aware it is time for another paranormal episode or something away from true crime. I am also working on my final Canning Town Crime and Corruption podcast which I will complete by mid March.