Jan. 19, 2022

Michael Maybrick parts 1 & 2

Michael Maybrick parts 1 & 2

18 January 2022 : Michael Maybrick parts 1 & 2. Well at last I managed to complete the follow up to the Florence Maybrick podcast of November 2020. I was dreading writing the podcast as there was so much reading and research that I had to complete for it. Well I am glad that is done. Making these podcasts concentrates the mind and makes it possible to make things clear in your own head so I am glad to have come to a conclusion about ‘Jack the Ripper’ thanks to Bruce Robinson’s book, ‘They all love Jack’. I am pretty sure that the book the ‘Dairy of the Ripper’ by Shirley Harrison (I think), I am not at my office at the moment so am writing this from memory, was the catalyst for Robinson that allowed things to fall into place.

To my mind Michael Maybrick is the best contender for Jack the Ripper as everything seems to ‘fit’ into place.

The next ‘big’ podcast that I will have to attempt sometime is the final podcast in the Canning Town series about the Rettenton (Essex boys) murders. I may start work on that in February. The next podcast will be a fairly straightforward case from the National archives so that I don’t have to do too much reading.

I have just realised that I didn’t do a blog on the last podcast, Madame Schmeder. Well all I will say on that case is that it was straightforward as there was so little information on it, I think it only took an afternoon to write!