June 19, 2021

John Palmer, Brinks Mat, Time Share scams and a lot of shootings.

Blog 10: John Palmer, Brinks mat, Time share scams and a lot of shootings. This is my 94th Podcast, I am posting this on the 19th June. I managed to keep this to a single episode although there were so many tangents I could have investigated. I am writing this blog more of a dairy entry as I am probably the only person who is going to read it.

What I did learn was that the Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery was the cause of so much trouble and other crimes. I don’t think anyone really prospered through it, those who did managed to keep some of the loot must have been affected by betrayals and deaths of fellow gang members and friends.

The Underworld is a suspicious and paranoid place and there were so many rumours, some of these rumours leading to murders. This was the reason that there was said to be a curse on the Brinks Mat gold.

I don’t think the police came out of the investigation very well. They only managed to capture two of the gang mainly to their foolishness, spending large amounts of money too quickly and not having a tight enough plan.

The police later making life difficult for Palmer and possibly being the reason he was shot by encouraging rumours that he was an informant. There was also police corruption that enabled people to escape justice.

I did find some interesting links on the Daniel Morgan murder and the murders of the Essex boys although I did not follow these up as the subject matter has been well covered:

Daniel Morgan The Untold podcast, this is an excellent account.

For the Essex Boys I would suggest Bernard O’Mahony’s Youtube videos, they go on for about twenty episodes but it is the inside story told entertaining from O’Mahony’s view.

Despite his huge wealth, I don’t think that John Palmer had a happy life. If he avoided criminal activity I think he would have been a successful businessman and lived longer.