Feb. 7, 2022

Joan Woodhouse, Murder and Cover up at Arundel, Sussex parts 1 & 2

6 February 2022: I have had covid over the past couple of weeks, not too serious but due to fits of coughing when I spoke was unable to post a podcast until now. This is the case of Joan Woodhouse, a case I became aware of when I first moved to the Sussex area. The case papers are not due to be released until 2033 but I realise that we are not going to learn much new about the case other than a conspiracy to keep the case out of court due to worries over public perception to police incompetence and aristocratic scandal. I will post part two within the week. I made a lot of use of the book ‘Justice for Joan’ by Martin Knight to compile this podcast. I am working on a couple of very obscure cases at present which you will not have heard of to be released during February 2022.