Oct. 7, 2021

Hauntings at Ramsbury and Askern and the Palm Sunday case.

Paranormal episode. Two cases, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. and  Askern,  near Doncaster . These were both investigated by the Society for Psychical Research(SPR). There is also an investigation into the Palm Sunday case.  the Palm Sunday case was about 'automatic writing' which was fashionable during the first half of the 20th century. Cases of hauntings were looked down upon by those in the SPR at that time. 

I have also introduced an advert for this episode. I have been careful to add an advert that relates well to the podcast, in this case a book about true ghost stories . I have expressed an interest in the past to make the podcasts self supporting , I have tried to add a donation site KoFi which had four donations. I have now tried  the advertising route the one advert has paid the podcast's running costs for this month.

I had always thought that I would make 100 podcasts and then try to make the podcast pay its way. I sent think anyone reads  this, so I feel I can say as I feel.  I had a recent review , it wasn't a very good review,  it said that I sounded like a boring lecturer. Thinking about that comment I was happy as that seemed to be the actual persona I was trying to create.

If anybody has any questions about the case, I would be happy to reply.