April 15, 2022

Essex Boys

I thought the Rettendon/Essex Boys  podcasts were well received. Former DCI McKelvey seemed to give it the thumbs up. In the first podcast, I set the scene with what was known about the shootings  and gave potted histories of the main characters involved. In the second podcast I looked at the possibility of Kenneth Noye, Bernard O'Mahoney or some military/police hit team being the reason for the shootings and in the final podcast, there was a consideration of the Canning Town cartel and considered Patsy Clarke as the organiser of the shootings. Those podcasts took some research and I am now glad to move onto something else.

I think I did a total of nine Canning Town videos and there are a lot of other stories I could have told so I may come back to do a couple more stories in the summer.

I recommended a visit to YouTube to consider the Liquid Bullet production videos about crime in Essex in general and the Crime scene to courtroom for 'Essex Boys' videos