May 3, 2022

Dorset, scandal and death at Piddletrenthide, Dorset. series 4, episode 24

Hello anyone reading this. I announced on the podcast that I wasn’t going to spend as much time on the podcasts as I am working on another project as well as working on the day job. I am still intending to produce a couple of podcasts each month although I will not be spending as much time on the podcasts. I am hoping to post a paranormal podcast every three weeks as these seem to be the most popular podcasts.

 I suppose that the true crime market is so crowded. I notice that there have been some excellent new true crime podcasts, but they don’t last long, but those long established podcasts that started before 2016 carry on and dominate the podcast charts. Some of the long established podcasts seem tired, they used to be interesting but they are now produced each week to a formula. Some of the long-standing podcasts are just poor quality. I think that ‘They walk amongst us is probably the best UK true crime podcast as it is well produced and tells the story in depth without comment including clips of news. I know that my podcasts do not compare, but I suppose if you can find a good story that is what counts. Other UK true crime podcasts that I like would include 'Outlines'.

This story is about events in the village of Piddletrenthide during World War 2. The story is unknown outside of the report that I found in the National Archives. Did Fred Davis get away with murder? Who knows, but you can be sure that the investigation into his behaviour would have been far more through if there had not been a world war in progress.