June 2, 2021

Considerations on the death of Princess Diana

Blog 10: Some considerations on the death of Princess Diana, 31 August 1997.

I remember when it happened, I had been to see a band on the night of the 30th, then to a night club in Brighton.We Sobered up on the way home with a swim in the sea. Got home in the early hours, switched on the television and there was a grainy video of a smashed car in black and white with nothing happening and a voice over saying that Princess Diana had been involved in a car accident. It was a huge story because all the newspapers ever seemed to talk about that month was Diana.

James Hewitt, Diana’s former lover, is he Harry’s father? There is a resemblance. Anyhow Hewitt described how he recreated Diana's fatal car journey. He had been lunching with four 'beautiful' women in a Paris restaurant and, as one of his companions happened to have with her the same model Mercedes that had been driven by Henri Paul, Hewitt decided to 'conduct a little test ...I reckoned I was about as drunk as Dodi's driver was that night. I'd had one, maybe two bottles of wine (I don’t actually think Paul was drunk but that was the rumour at the time). So I got all the girls into the Merc .....and started bombing around the Peripherique until we got to the underpass where she died.....I get the Merc up to about 100, 120 - about the speed they reckon Henri Paul was going that night and, guess what? I shot straight through the tunnel!.....It's a completely straight road! I don't care how drunk you are... There's no way you'd hit that pillar unless something happened to make you veer off the road. It was definitely a set-up!'.

Today, in 2021, I think Hewitt lives somewhere in the West Country by himself, he has had health issues but he seems to have some interesting stories to tell.

We will never know for sure the truth behind the car crash that killed Diana and Dodi and Henri Paul but it does seem incredible that three people die in a car crash in the middle of a city like Paris. There are aspects about the crash that do not ring true.

I don’t have a particular interest in the case, but it is interesting to pull together a story that slowly bleeds out over a number of years, this allows some focus.

The Inquest came to the correct verdict of an unlawful killing but I don’t think that the whole truth came out.

I don’t normally do podcasts on a high profile cases, so I am hoping for  a good download figure for this podcast.

I never listen to other podcasts on the topics that I post until after I have published so will be interested to see if there are others on this case.

In the podcast I said that for the near future I will be making a podcast every three weeks as I have some other projects I am working on at the moment. I will start series four, probably for the first week of September and during that month I may complete my 100th podcast.  

Sources used for the podcast include the foillowing:


The Lobster magazine (various articles). I have heavily used the Lobster magazine for information.

The Times newspaper / Guardian newspaper and other newspaper articles.

The Death of a Princess 1998 book by Sancton and MacLeod.

Various documentaries on Youtube.

Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch.

There are probably a few more but the time is almost midnight (2.nd June), and as probably no one will read this pod, I am bringing it to a close.