May 9, 2021

Colin Wallace: Kincora and Clockwork Orange.

Blog 8: Colin Wallace, Clockwork Orange and Kincora. Parts 1 & 2

Well, another ramble but an interesting story that goes off on tangents.

Colin Wallace had a questionable job peddling black propaganda. But you have to accept the position he was in, his background in Northern Ireland and the fact that he thought he was doing good by fighting terrorism.

Clockwork Orange developed into a policy that would target anyone that the Security Services (MI5, MI6, Special Branch and the RUC) disapproved of. Even the democratically elected representatives of the people. It was said that the Security Services were out of control in Northern Ireland during the 1970s.

Colin Wallace learnt of a paedophile sex ring operating from perhaps nine children’s homes in Northern Ireland but centred on one home called Kincora. The security Services tolerated paedophile abuse because they were able to blackmail those committing the offence to gain useful information.

I could have stretched this story into three or four podcasts, there are some other hardly believable stories that I have had to leave out in the interest of space and time.

Sources used:

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These were the three main sources used along with snippets from other books and newspaper reports and magazines.