Dec. 20, 2021

Christmas Ghost Story 2021, Tony Cornell investigates East Anglia hauntings.


20th Dec 2021:

Strange Stories UK, Ghost story for Christmas. Tony Cornell investigates East Anglia hauntings.

These three stories come from the journals for the Society for Psychical Reseach. It has been a month, well over a month since I broadcast a podcast partly as a result of being caught out by last minute covid rule changes that I had been unaware of 24 hours before being due to catch a flight! Then I thought I have caught covid, but it was just a cold, it was difficult to suppress coughing while recording this podcast. I was wondering what I would do if caught abroad with covid, I would be an unwelcome visitor wherever I went!

I have always been an admirer of Tony Cornell, he was a down to earth psychic researcher with a sceptic approach to any investigation. I would urge anyone reading this to listen to the 2019 ghost story for Christmas that told the story of the Ferry Boat Inn to illustrate how easily people are persuaded that paranormal events are genuine.  

These three stories are set in the East Anglia region and all of them involve Tony Cornell. There are no great reveals or any ‘Hammer Horror’ moments and in truth reflect the routine of how an investigation into a paranormal investigation normally plays out.