Sept. 24, 2021

Canning Town Crime & Corruption Part 3.

Canning Town, London, Organised Crime and Corrupt police parts  3.

Canning Town part was about the rise of the cartel in Canning Town, in particular the rise of the Hunt OCG and how Jimmy Holmes, the author of Judas Pig fell out with David Hunt.

Part 3 continues with this story.

I think It is likely that Jimmy Holmes is still alive and that he came to some agreement with David Hunt. I would have thought that Holmes would have taken out some insurance about him being killed on Hunt’s orders. Holmes knew too much and I would have thought he would have made a testimony at a solicitors somewhere telling stories that would have bought others down, in his attempt to incriminate Hunt by telling what murders and rackets he and Hunt and the rest of his OCG had taken part in. If anything happened to Holmes, if he was ‘hit’ a process would come into play to make his testimony come to light. I am not sure how he would have ensured how this would have happened, but Holmes had a lot of time to think about it and work out a plan.