Oct. 18, 2021

Canning Town Crime & Corruption 5, Epping Forest 3 unsolved murders.

Canning Town episode 5.  This is the fifth episode linked to Canning Town organised crime. Of course there may be no link at all as this podcast deals with three unsolved murders. Nevertheless, it was very strongly rumoured that the people were murdered by Canning Town OCGs and protected by corrupt police back in 1989 and 1990. I plan to make three more episodes on Canning Town Crime and corruption. One of these on the book Judas Pig, another on the Rettenton (Essex boys) murders and another to pull all the cases together and make mention of some other high profile crimes connected to the area (so that may prove to be a two part episode). 

As may be recalled, I was trying to monetise the podcast so as to pay the fixed running costs. I was to put out a podcast once a month just for those that had made a contribution. I was using Ko-fi as the way to monetise. I thank those few that did make a contribution but have decided to end this due to a poor response. That will mean that I do not feel pressurised to make podcasts and I can continue to do just as I want. I intend to make some rather fringe podcasts in the future which interest me but perhaps few others. Apologies to those people that did make a Ko-Fi contribution, I will put out the ‘Judas Pig’ podcast out as soon as possible but it is taking a long time to do.

As Halloween is approaching, I will post one or two paranormal cases next. Strangely the paranormal cases posted are proving more popular than the true crime podcasts.

I post photographs on the stories on Strange Stories UK facebook site, because I can post them there without being charged huge amounts of money, thanks to the Murder Mile podcast for that tip. Can I recommend ‘Liquid Bullet’ productions on Facebook for any one interested in the Canning Town cases.