Sept. 15, 2022

Buggy Podcast Sept 2022


Strange Stories: London gangland murder of Jack Buggy.

Wow, that was a long recording about 90 minutes during which I consumed the best part of a bottle of wine, no its gone. I drink tea while researching and writing but I donate like recording so I am glad this one is over.

This is an unsolved murder from May 1967, a shooting in Mayfair, London at a gambling club. No one was convicted but it was to become clear that fellow gangster was responsible for the shooting, the shooting of a gangster probably employed by the Kray gang, Jack Buggy. By the end of the podcast you will know who the murderer was. OK I will tell you now it was Franny Daniels.

The positive aspect of being an independent podcaster is that I can say what I like unlike podcasts produced by the BBC and newspapers who have lawyers striking out what can be said. Or Line managers telling me to cut out excess information. I make podcasts that I would like to listen to, I am my target audience so I hope you will have similar demands, no opinions and telling what is known from official records. I dont like a lot of recent podcasts that try to spread a story over several episodes. I have noticed this with BBC episodes taking about six episodes to tell a story that could be told in two.

I could have cut this podcast into part 1 and part 2 as it seems that podcasts over 45 minutes are not that popular. This podcast is 90 minutes, if you get bored stop listening.

Any how this case faced a wall of silence, corrupt police and others wanting the matter dropped as soon as possible made it very difficult for police to solve the case. This podcast gives a glimpse into the corrupt London gambling scene and the London underworld in the 1960s. If you enjoyed this podcast I did a series of podcasts based on the film Performance a couple of years back, I think around August 2020.

I lived in the Brighton area for some years moving to a village in the Downs to start a family so I had known about the body being found in the beach off Seaford but knew nothing else about the story. Any references are just a couple of lines in books. I wanted to learn what the whole story was.

I have searched for a photograph of Jack Buggy and couldn’t find anything. In the National Archives in the case notes there is a photograph with no caption in his files. I don’t know if this is Buggy but have posted it on the Strange Stories UK FaceBook site. I suppose it could have been Buggy.

After finishing the podcast it seems that Buggy had been set up and there was a lot going on that was not recorded. I find Tony Lederer quite a suspicious character who knew more than he let on. Daniels was a nasty character who git away with murder.

The podcast suggests that Buggy was the face of Kray protection after the Richardson gang had been sent to prison; the Richardsons who were the preferred protectors of The Mount Street Club, if indeed they ever were although it was clear that their associates had used it. It seems that there was due to be a showdown when Daniels blew up part of his own club to show the Krays that they had no control, pretending that others gangs were involved, basically playing mind games with the Krays and Buggy.

Buggy was supposed to back down but as he proved not to accept the situation, Daniels in a fit of temper shot him.  It is possible that Daniels was later threatened by the Kray gang, or he may have made it up to deflect police attention. It didn’t matter as the Krays were about to be arrested just as the Richardsons.

We will never know the truth now about London Clubland in the 1960s, but we can be sure that it was corrupt in all respects.