Dec. 30, 2021

Bognor - Gatwick Train murder

30 December 2021: Strange Stories UK: Bognor-Gatwick train murder.

A murder from a long time ago, The Rolling Stones were number 1 in the singles charts with 'I can't get no Satisfaction', this podcast tells of a story from September 1965 when a woman who had just finished her Teacher Training was murdered by a person who had had no positive impact on life having failed at everything and blamed his failure on others. Nevertheless, the Criminal Justice System did everything it could to help him while his victim, an only child, was forgotten and in my opinion was not considered that important once she was dead.
Michael Stephen Gills seemed to be a deluded person who imagined that women were giving him signs that they wanted him, but when he approached them, they 'snubbed him' and at times he , in his words, 'lost his nut'. 

Gills, a psychopath was is only interested in himself and his needs and wants. In this case he murders a woman, a stranger,  who he thinks has snubbed him. She may well have thrown him some glances but these would not be admiring looks, rather who is this strange person who has just got in my carriage and I am trapped with as there is no compartment?
This case seems to be forgotten now, I came across it by chance in the National Archives. I feel that Patricia Grace Woolard was badly let down by the Criminal Justice system. They just wanted the case moved along as quickly as possible, they were not interested in justice. A single woman is killed, no husband or children involved, oh dear what a shame, next!

I would also like to say that the photographs that I viewed in the National Archives were pornographic and, in my opinion, should not be on display to anyone who decided to look at the file.

I also looked at the ‘Reg Christie’ files when I was at the National Archives and was given a box that had a label on it, ‘Only to be viewed under supervision’. The photographs were of the dead bodies of women that Christie had murdered. The photographs are offensive to the memories of the women that died. They should not be on display. There is no body of Reg Christie on display.

Sorry for the rant.
Please be advised that this podcast is not edited and recorded in one take, it is not a professional production and I sometimes stumble over my words, so please do not listen if this is likely to be a problem.