April 15, 2022

A West Country Haunted house.

A West Country Haunted house, as investigated by the SPR during 1887. This would have been one of the cases investigated by Edmund Gurney and others who were working on a book ‘Phantasms of the living’ (published 1886) which listed and described, briefly, hundreds of hauntings trying to prove that ghosts were the results of telepathy.

This is the first of a number of cases that I intend to broadcast over the next few months, perhaps one every six weeks between podcasts on other subjects.

I don’t find the case in this podcast particularly persuasive; I think that the events that happened can be explained away, but it is a case that was examined at some length by the SPR.  

I have since read up on some other cases that I found more interesting and these I will post as a podcast in the next few weeks. Cases that were investigated by the SPR which I have found to be an organisation that had faults.  

I expect my download figures will plummet as a result of posting these podcasts, especially after the success of the recent Essex Boys case. Nevertheless, I will continue to post stories that I find interesting.